A sad story of spam and ham

Dear Readers,

your comments are important to me. They help me a lot to improve this blog – and they show me there are people who read this blog, and, judging from your comments, even enjoy it. Thank you very much!

Unfortunatly, the tool I use to protect my blog against spam – Akismet – believes that every comment I received in the past days is spam. So I have to verify each comment individually. I will publish your comment if I you manage to convince me that you are a human being.

In most cases, you can achieve this easily be writing an individual comment, and by leaving a sensible web URL. If you don’t have a web page, or do not want to publish it, just fill the field by “beyondjava.de”. I won’t publish you URL anyways, because I saw way to many comments with URLs leading to advertising, nonsense pages or even malicious pages.

This is why your comments don’t appear immediately on beyondjava.de. I feel the need to approve them manually in order to protect my readers – in other words: to protect you – and this may take a couple of days.

As it turns out, there are quite a few bots crawling the internet. Most of the comments I received till today were obviously left by a bot, so I will not publish them. Sometimes it is not easy to distinguish spam and ham, so I am pretty sure that I will dismiss many serious comments. That’s a pity, but I can’t help it. Maybe the CAPTHA I included in the comments section may reduce the spam a little without annoying my the human commenters.

Thank you for your understanding!

P.S.: Feel free to leave your message either in English, Spanish, German or French. I’d like to adress an international audience, so I’d prefer English. However, at least one reader (me) is able to read the other comments as well (while I have to admit that French will cause me some difficulties).

P.P.S: I also welcome negative feedback. Every once in a while, I write a controversial article, so I’ll be pretty surprised if there is no negative feedback :).