BeyondJava @ Conference

Date Conference Title of the talk Slides or Summary
October 23-26, 2017 iJS Munich Angular 5 vs. React I’m going to compare Angular5 to React. This talk shows that both frameworks are great tools to do your job.
So, when do you choose which one?
Juli 06, 2017 Java Forum Stuttgart UI Techradar Sergei Wagner and I talked about the UI Tech Radar we’re constructing. It’s inspired by the Thoughtworks radar, but it’s going to be interactive, fancy, and fun. Plus, it concentrates on UI frameworks. Of course, the major part of the talk was devoted to comparing popular UI frameworks, but we also managed to talk a bit about the “making of” our radar application.
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November 17,2016 DOAG BootsFaces, AngularFaces and what’s under the hood Inspired by an idea of Ed Burns, Riccardo Massera and I presented both BootsFaces and AngularFaces. Plus, we planned to tell you how we use XText to keep the code alive by continuous refactoring. Too bad we had so little time… but it’s all in the slides!
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March 09, 2016 JavaLand 2016 BootsFaces and AngularFaces Riccardo and I presented both BootsFaces and AngularFaces in a room called Lilac. Basically, this room is kind of a posh circus tent. It was a great location to hold a talk!

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Impressions of the room