Single-Page Applications With BootsFaces

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Singe-page applications have become tremendously popular in the last couple of years. They are fast, they are responsive and they can save network bandwidth. The first SPAs that caught the attention of the community were based on JavaScript. So nowadays everybody seems to believe you can’t write an SPA with JSF. But you can. It’s […]

AngularFaces 2.1.4 published

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Today I’ve published AngularFaces 2.1.4 on MavenCentral. It should also arrive on JCenter within the next few days. The new version fixes a couple of annoying bugs, so I recommend to update soon. New, improved documentation There’s also news from the documentation page of AngularFaces. Currently, it’s moving from to The new documentation […]

AngularFaces 2.1: Apache License V2, AngularJS 1.3 and much more

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Yesterday, I’ve published what I hope to be the last release candidate of AngularFaces on Maven Central. Basically, AngularFaces 2.1 RC5 already is the final version. I only called it a release candidate I did a few last-minute changes. I felt the need to run more tests. AngularFaces 2.1 offers many new features. Today, I’ll […]

How to Modify the JSF 2.2 Component Tree Safely: TagDecorators, TagHandlers and PreRenderViewEvent

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Earlier this week Rudy de Busscher published an interesting article about JSF TagHandlers. Today I’d like to go a step further. Let’s have a closer look at them and discuss another class of JSF tree manipulation classes: the TagDecorators. And, while I’m at it, I’ll also cover to system events, PostRenderViewEvent and PostAddToViewEvent, that can […]

AngularFaces 2.0.0 RC3 Published

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Release candidate 3 of AngularFaces 2 has been published. Basically, it’s a bug fix release. Here are the release notes: Bugfix: compatibibility with PrimeFaces <prime:datatable> Bugfix: AngularFaces now copes with bean attributes, even if they are Strings (quite a funny bug, if you take in mind Strings are usually tested first). Improved translation support (now […]

AngularFaces 2.0 Embraces Both HTML5 and PrimeFaces

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Now that’s a surprise: AngularFaces becomes more powerful by getting rid of it’s widgets. Quite a development for JSF widget library. Instead of defining its own widgets AngularFaces 2.0 pimps up widgets provided by other widget libraries. In particular, it adds AngularJS to the new JSF 2.2 HTML5-style widgets. But of course it doesn’t stop […]

AngularFaces 2: Even Better Steroids for JSF

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AngularJS and other fancy Javascript frameworks stir up the Java world. The Java world has been dominated by server side framework for more than a decade now. Times they are changing. Now everybody’s moving to the client side. The server’s reduced to a faint memory, such as a REST service. Everybody? Not quite. A lot […]

AngularFaces Mentioned by Oracle’s Aquarium

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It’s astonishing how much attention BeyondJava’s AngularFaces project gets. It has been mentioned in the November issue of the JSF central postcast – at a time when AngularFaces was a far cry from being mature. Last Thursday Reza Rahman mentioned AngularFaces in Oracle’s Aquarium (JSF + AngularJS = AngularFaces?). I’m very pleased by your tremendous […]

Announcement: AngularPrime/Dart

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Last week I have begun to port Rudy de Busscher’s Javascript widget library, AngularPrime, to Dart. AngularPrime/Dart aims to take PrimeUI and AngularJS to another level. It’s going to simplify Single Page Applications considerably. The applications have the same look and feel as PrimeFaces or PrimeUI applications, have the simplicity of AngularPrime and of course […]

Using Javassist To Implement Mixins or Traits in Java

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Many components of the AngularFaces library share common properties and methods. Some of these methods are simple, some of them are complex. I’d like to move them to another class instead of implementing them multiple times. Unfortunately, the component classes don’t derive from a common base class. That’s nothing I can fix. That’s just the […]

AngularFaces: Synchronize Angular Models With JSF Beans

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This component is different. Thus far every AngularFaces component was essentially a JSF component with some AngularJS sugar on top of it. <a:sync> works the other way round. It enables a pure AngularJS application to benefit from the JSF engine. Every time a JSF request is submitted, <a:sync> moves parts of the AngularJS model to […]