UI Survey 2017: Java vs. JavaScript

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Recently, I’ve seen a number of surveys covering the popularity of Java and Java UI frameworks. Most surveys show that either Spring or Java EE is more popular. However, they don’t answer two important questions: is Java becoming more or less important? Currently, I’m mostly interested in UI frameworks, so the next logical question is: […]

AngularBeans: A Fresh New Take on AngularJS and JavaEE

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I’m proud to have convinced Bessem Hmidi to present his AngularBeans framework at BeyondJava.net. AngularBeans is a fresh, new approach integrating AngularJS with a JavaEE backend and has stirred some attraction in the JavaEE world recently. Bessem works at “Business & Decision” as a Technical Architect. He is also founder and leader of the “Esprit […]

Single-Page Applications With BootsFaces

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Singe-page applications have become tremendously popular in the last couple of years. They are fast, they are responsive and they can save network bandwidth. The first SPAs that caught the attention of the community were based on JavaScript. So nowadays everybody seems to believe you can’t write an SPA with JSF. But you can. It’s […]

Getting Started With AngularJS 2.0: Forms (Part I)

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Let’s continue our journey into the universe of Angular2 with exploring forms. Actually, that’s something odd: many articles and tutorials on Angular2 spend a lot of time explaining that the old two-way-binding of AngularJS 1.x has been replaced by something different, something superior. Putting it in a nutshell Forget about that. You can learn about […]

The Rise of TypeScript?

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I’ve made up my mind to start a series of AngularJS 2 articles. As you may or may not know, AngularJS 2 is not being developed in JavaScript, but in TypeScript, a language compiling to JavaScript. While it’s perfectly possible to write an AngularJS 2 application in pure JavaScript, it’s made for TypeScript (and maybe […]

Newsflash: Compiling Java to Javascript

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These days I stumbled upon Dukescript, which is a very innovative and ambitious approach to bring Java to various client platforms: traditional desktop applications, iOs devices, Android devices and the browser. Two of these target platforms – the desktop and Android – run Java natively (at least after installing a JRE in the case of […]

AngularFaces 2.1.4 published

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Today I’ve published AngularFaces 2.1.4 on MavenCentral. It should also arrive on JCenter within the next few days. The new version fixes a couple of annoying bugs, so I recommend to update soon. New, improved documentation There’s also news from the documentation page of AngularFaces. Currently, it’s moving from www.angularFaces.com to https://www.angularFaces.net. The new documentation […]


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When I heard about Scala.js a couple of years ago, I thought to myself: “Well, that’s an interesting project, but sure it’s bound to fail”. Only it didn’t. The other day I’ve stumbled over an impressive technology demo. You can write a ray tracer in object-oriented and functional Scala, compile it to Javascript an run […]

Newsflash: Google to Support AngularJS 1.x Longer, Dropping AtScript

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According to Jaxenter, the AngularJS team reacted to the harsh reaction of the Javascript community on Google’s AngularJS 2.0 plans. As a consequence, they decided to support AngularJS 1.x longer, giving companies who’ve already invested in AngularJS applications more time to migrate to AngularJS 2.0. Plus, they decided to drop AtScript. Instead, the team decided […]

AngularFaces 2.1: Apache License V2, AngularJS 1.3 and much more

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Yesterday, I’ve published what I hope to be the last release candidate of AngularFaces on Maven Central. Basically, AngularFaces 2.1 RC5 already is the final version. I only called it a release candidate I did a few last-minute changes. I felt the need to run more tests. AngularFaces 2.1 offers many new features. Today, I’ll […]