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Continuous Query Language – Processing Data in Real Time

The other day I learned about Odysseus, a framework to process data in real time. Truth to tell, I know little about the topic, but I consider it interesting enought to share it with you. Most of you are familiar with relational databases, SQL, O-R-mappers, transactions, the ACID principle and things like this. Working with streaming data is similar – and at the same time, it requires a major shift of mind. The more you look into it, the bigger the differences.
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Hibernate Cheat Sheet

Recently I wanted to write a small state-of-the-art Hibernate application. To my surprise, I didn’t find information about Hibernate 4 and the XML-free documentation easily. It’s all there, but it’s buried under tons of old-school tutorials and Spring tutorials. So here’s my small collection of what I’ve found out.

I’ll describe both the standard JPA and pure Hibernate approach. That’s because I didn’t find out how to configure JPA without XML yet.
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