Embracing Redux – or What’s Wrong with Object-Oriented Programming?

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Before you ask, I don’t think anything’s wrong with object-oriented programming. But recently I’ve attended an interesting talk at the JAX conference. By the look of it, the speaker, Manuel Mauky, wasn’t happy with object-oriented programming. Instead, he propagated functional programming and Redux. While I don’t agree with him, I considered his reasoning compelling. I’ll […]

Renaming Threads

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JEE servers tend to create quite a few threads. Sometimes you are looking for a very slow algorithm, maybe even an infinite loop. You don’t know where to find it beforehand, so chances are you didn’t set a breakpoint. At other times the situation is even worse: the infinite loop occurred in a production environment, […]

Where Am I?

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A particularly nice feature of the Java language is Introspection. Chances are you are familiar with reflection, being the most popular API that allows a program to analyze itself. But Java doesn’t stop there. This article shows you how easy it is to find out where you are – or rather, where your JVM’s program […]