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Type-safe Navigation in JSF

What to make of this? In general, I eagerly embrace everything offering type safety. However, in this particular case, I’m not entirely convinced. Probably I won’t use this feature in my projects any time soon. On the other hands, this stuff has so many options that it may easily pay off in larger projects. Especially, if some of the JSF views of your applications require authorization.

I’m talking about the “type-safe navigation” offered by the JSF module of Deltaspike. Basically, that’s a Java file describing every JSF page of your application.

Back to the future!

In a way, it’s funny that Deltaspike, which aims to improve JavaEE in general and JSF in particular, adds such a feature. One of the key advantages of JSF 2 was to get rid of the navigation rules file of JSF 1.x. Deltaspike brings it back, albeit in a different way.
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