Electron Brings JavaScript to the Desktop

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Let’s continue my “Java on the desktop” series with something that’s not Java, but interesting nonetheless. Electron is a framework wrapping your HTML5 application in a native window of your operation system. Other than most projects in the JavaScript universe, Electron does not follow a “mobile first” approach. Quite the contrary, it’s fairly opinionated in […]

How to Wrap BootsFaces (or JSF in General) as a Native Desktop Application

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When I showed the draft of my last post (the “Java on the Desktop” survey article), my friends surprised me by saying that nowadays desktop applications are sort of exotic. Everybody’s doing mobile or at least web applications. But the good old desktop has fallen into oblivion. That’s pretty strange, given that most of us […]

Which Is the Hottest UI Framework in the Java World: JSF or JavaFX?

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One of these days beyondjava.net’s visitor statistics revealed an interesting question: What is the latest Java GUI Framework. Is it JavaFX, or is it JSF? Actually, both JavaFX and JSF are cutting-edge frameworks. No matter which one you choose, you won’t regret it. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting question: Which framework should I use, and why? […]

JavaFX and GroovyFX: One Program, Two Flavors

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Tiles are popular. Picturesque tiles are a part of portuguese and spanish culture since countless1 centuries. Since a couple of years tiles are ubiquitous in our smart phones. My photography site 11pictures.com needed a fresh new design to cope with the always-increasing number of pictures. So what about displaying pictures as colorful azulejos? To do […]