Newsflash: Hope for Groovy

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Pivotal’s recent announcement to drop both Groovy and Grails shook the Groovy community. The entire Java community, actually. Can we afford to invest in an open source project run by a company? Companies are sold and bought all the time, and the new owner may drop the previous owner’s pet projects without warning. That’s the […]

Java 8’s Optional Type, NullPointerExceptions and the Elvis Operator

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Sooner or later every Java programmer is maddened by the notorious NullPointerException. Not only Java programmers, by the way. Probably every JVM programmer is suffering from the problem, and many other languages know similar problems. What makes the NullPointerException so annoying is the fact is essentially a NotImplementedYetException in disguise.

Java 8 – Catalyst for a Superior Language?

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These days I’ve read two language-related stories at Lavalobby. The first story I read matched my own experience on the topic. It has also an refreshingly optimistic air. Obviously, the author believes in progress. The second article also had a lot of ideas matching my experience. Thing is, both articles contradict each other. While the […]

JavaFX and GroovyFX: One Program, Two Flavors

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Tiles are popular. Picturesque tiles are a part of portuguese and spanish culture since countless1 centuries. Since a couple of years tiles are ubiquitous in our smart phones. My photography site needed a fresh new design to cope with the always-increasing number of pictures. So what about displaying pictures as colorful azulejos? To do […]