TypeScript and ES2016 Decorators vs. Java Annotations

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Consider this TypeScript snippet. It’s a very simple Angular2 component. It looks almost like a Java class, doesn’t it? In particular, the @Component looks like a Java annotation. In fact, it plays the some role as a Java annotation. It tells the Angular2 framework that this class is not an ordinary POJO, but something special. […]

Type Erasure Revisited

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You can’t beat type erasure, they say. Information about generic Java data types is lost during compilation, and there’s no way to get it back. While that’s absolutely true, Mahmoud Ben Hassine and I found a tiny loophole which allowed us to improve Mahmoud’s jPopulator framework tremendously. Under certain circumstances, it’s possible to find about […]

Newsflash: Java Decompilers

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Nowadays everybody seems to pull their libraries from Maven Central, which encourages to upload both the binaries and the source code of a library. Most developers follow the guidelines, so nowadays it has become painless to read the source code of the open source libraries you use. Debugging such a library usually is pretty simple. […]

AngularFaces 2: Even Better Steroids for JSF

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AngularJS and other fancy Javascript frameworks stir up the Java world. The Java world has been dominated by server side framework for more than a decade now. Times they are changing. Now everybody’s moving to the client side. The server’s reduced to a faint memory, such as a REST service. Everybody? Not quite. A lot […]

Your IDE Supports Java 8 From Day One

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Yesterday the lambda revolution has been released: Java 8 is there. Java programmers can finally benefit from closures, function pointers and multiple inheritance. Or rather, limited versions of these features that are almost as useful. BeyondJava.net has a series of articles on the topics (see method references, lambda expressions, functional programming and closures vs. lambdas). […]

The Hidden JavaEE Gem: Lambda Expressions With Java 7

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This morning Adam Bien has a surprising story: While the majority of the Java world is impatiently waiting for Java 8’s closures, JSF programmers can use lambda even today. All you need is EL 3.0. Even more, every Java 7 programmer can use lambda expressions by simply including the class EL library to the classpath: […]

Java 8’s Optional Type, NullPointerExceptions and the Elvis Operator

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Sooner or later every Java programmer is maddened by the notorious NullPointerException. Not only Java programmers, by the way. Probably every JVM programmer is suffering from the problem, and many other languages know similar problems. What makes the NullPointerException so annoying is the fact is essentially a NotImplementedYetException in disguise.

Java 8 – Catalyst for a Superior Language?

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These days I’ve read two language-related stories at Lavalobby. The first story I read matched my own experience on the topic. It has also an refreshingly optimistic air. Obviously, the author believes in progress. The second article also had a lot of ideas matching my experience. Thing is, both articles contradict each other. While the […]