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Is Java Going to Become Invisible?

In a sense, Java has vanished from the client many years ago. With the exception of Android, the vast majority of Java runs on a server in a data center. From the average user’s perspective, Java has become invisible. When we talk about Java UI programming, most people think of Spring MVC, JSF and Ozark.

I’m still trying to make sense of the new Java EE 8 plans Oracle revealed at JavaOne a couple of weeks ago. My first impression was that the new focus on cloud computing means that Java is going to molt again. The Java EE 8 roadmap proposal indicates just that.
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Newsflash: JavaEE 8 Road Map Proposal

This newsflash is a true “flash”, currently consisting only of a single link to the current proposal of the JavaEE 8 road map:

Proposal of the JavaEE 8 road map as of September 19, 2016

However, if time allows, I’ll either add to this newsflash later or write blog entries covering certain aspects of the shift of the plans. Stay tuned!