UI Survey 2017: Java vs. JavaScript

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Recently, I’ve seen a number of surveys covering the popularity of Java and Java UI frameworks. Most surveys show that either Spring or Java EE is more popular. However, they don’t answer two important questions: is Java becoming more or less important? Currently, I’m mostly interested in UI frameworks, so the next logical question is: […]

Date Patterns Cheatsheet: Moment.js and Java’s SimpleDateFormatter

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More and more projects seem to abandon Java as a front-end programming language in favor of JavaScript. Usually, they keep with Java as the backend programming language. Most of the time, both ecosystems exist peacefully. But there are sources of confusion. One of them being dates and times. Does this sound familiar? Yes, you’re right. […]

Electron Brings JavaScript to the Desktop

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Let’s continue my “Java on the desktop” series with something that’s not Java, but interesting nonetheless. Electron is a framework wrapping your HTML5 application in a native window of your operation system. Other than most projects in the JavaScript universe, Electron does not follow a “mobile first” approach. Quite the contrary, it’s fairly opinionated in […]

Let’s Make JavaScript Development Simple Again!

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Recently, I’ve grown increasingly uneasy about the current state of JavaScript development. I’m a full-time Java developer who tries to get familiar with JavaScript. Over the years, JavaScript has become a really nifty programming language. There’s hardly anything you can’t do with JavaScript. It’s one of the most exciting areas of development in 2016. Only… […]

Getting Started with TypeScript

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The other day I showed a TypeScript program to our architect. He doesn’t like JavaScript, but when he saw my TypeScript program, he was pleasantly surprised. TypeScript looks pretty familiar to Java programmers, making it a good language to get started with client-side programming. Plus, the core feature of TypeScript is types, making development much […]

Newsflash: Compiling Java to Javascript

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These days I stumbled upon Dukescript, which is a very innovative and ambitious approach to bring Java to various client platforms: traditional desktop applications, iOs devices, Android devices and the browser. Two of these target platforms – the desktop and Android – run Java natively (at least after installing a JRE in the case of […]


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When I heard about Scala.js a couple of years ago, I thought to myself: “Well, that’s an interesting project, but sure it’s bound to fail”. Only it didn’t. The other day I’ve stumbled over an impressive technology demo. You can write a ray tracer in object-oriented and functional Scala, compile it to Javascript an run […]

Newsflash: Google to Support AngularJS 1.x Longer, Dropping AtScript

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According to Jaxenter, the AngularJS team reacted to the harsh reaction of the Javascript community on Google’s AngularJS 2.0 plans. As a consequence, they decided to support AngularJS 1.x longer, giving companies who’ve already invested in AngularJS applications more time to migrate to AngularJS 2.0. Plus, they decided to drop AtScript. Instead, the team decided […]

Newsflash: AngularJS 1.3 Released

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Oct 15, 2014. AngularJS 1.3 aka “superluminal-nudge” has been released two days ago. AngularFaces will support AngularJS 1.3 starting with the next version (AngularFaces 2.1). According to the AngularJS blog, AngularJS 1.3 contains 400 bug fixes, a lot of performance improvements – both concerning speed and memory consumption – better support for users with a […]

Newsflash: React Speeds Up AngularJS Rendering

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Today I’ve read about a small but interesting framework called React.js that convinced me to start a new series on this blog. Newsflashes are small articles, just two or three sentences, describing an interesting idea and providing a link to read on. They are less thoroughly researched than the full-fledged articles of BeyondJava.net. Instead I’ll […]

What About TypeScript? A Java Programmers Perspective

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Is it a déjà-vu, or did I accidentally enter a time machine this morning? A couple of minutes ago I saw a video introducing two brand new features: Intellisense (aka auto-completion) and refactoring. It wasn’t even a particularly fancy refactoring – just “rename variable”. And it felt just great! Believe it or not, even in […]

AngularFaces: Synchronize Angular Models With JSF Beans

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This component is different. Thus far every AngularFaces component was essentially a JSF component with some AngularJS sugar on top of it. <a:sync> works the other way round. It enables a pure AngularJS application to benefit from the JSF engine. Every time a JSF request is submitted, <a:sync> moves parts of the AngularJS model to […]

AngularFaces: Comboboxes, Checkboxes, Sliders and 3D-Graphics

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When I learned about threejs two weeks ago, I immediately knew the next AngularFaces demo would look fancy. Threejs makes it easy to explore the third perspective in the browser. I even daresay threejs makes Javascript is the language of choice to do fast 3-D graphics. Most people agree number crunching isn’t the natural domain […]