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A Child’s Garden of Cache Effects

One of these days Joshua Bloch twittered a link pointing to “a child’s garden of cache effects”. Igor Ostrovsky demonstrates the effect of CPU caches using a high-level programming language, such as C#. Highly recommended!

When I read his article, I wondered if we can demonstrate the same effects in Java. At first glance, the odds are against us: Java isn’t compiled to native machine code, but to an intermediate byte code, which in turn may or may not be compiled to native machine code (depending on the circumstances). So, can we show cache effects in a Java program?

Yes, we can!
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A Java Programmer’s Guide to Assembler Language

Imagine a programming language without variables. A language without function parameters and return values. A language without floating point numbers, maybe even without multiplication and division. A language without type casting. Without types, actually. Not to mention classes or objects. Join me in a journey to the world of assembler languages.
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