Newsflash: “Secure” in Your Browser’s URL doesn’t Always Mean “Safe”

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This is a topic I consider important enough to abandon the “non-commercial-only” policy of I hardly ever quote from or link to professional web pages unless they are so ubiquitous you can’t avoid them or there’s a good reason to do so. Web security definitely is one of the best reasons. Today, Wordfence – […]

Newsflash: Ceylon 1.1 published

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Yesterday (Oct 9, 2014) Ceylon 1.1 has been published. For those who don’t know Ceylon yet: Ceylon is one of the interesting emerging JVM languages introducing many interesting features. For example I reported about Ceylon’s interesting approach to get rid of NullPointerExceptions some time ago. Ceylon is developed by Red Hat’s Gavin King, who’s already […]

Newsflash: React Speeds Up AngularJS Rendering

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Today I’ve read about a small but interesting framework called React.js that convinced me to start a new series on this blog. Newsflashes are small articles, just two or three sentences, describing an interesting idea and providing a link to read on. They are less thoroughly researched than the full-fledged articles of Instead I’ll […]