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Newsflash: OmniFaces 2.4 has been Released

OmniFaces 2.4 has been released. This time, the new version concentrates on bug fixing and polishing. There is only a handful of new features, the most notable being <o:url />, which bring the old <o:url /> of JSF 1.x back to the JSF 2.x world. There are also improvements to the FullAjaxExceptionHandler and better support for logging. As usual, the team has written an exhaustive blog post covering the changes, so I won’t repeat their description. Instead, I suggest you follow the links below.

JSF 2.3

Maybe more important is that the OmniFaces team brought a couple of features from OmniFaces to the upcoming JSF 2.3 standard. That’s exciting because it puts the commotion about Oracle’s presumed withdrawal from JavaEE into perspective. Even if the rumors we to come true and Oracle were to stop their efforts on JavaEE, it wouldn’t be the end of the Java world. If need be, there are other developers ready to contribute suggestions, improvements, code and documentation.

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Announcement written by BalusC
What´s new in OmniFaces 2.4?

OmniFaces CombinedResourceHandler Gives Your Application a Boost

OmniFaces 2.1 is soon to be released. Time to present a useful OmniFaces component which has been improved in version 2.1: the CombinedResourceHandler.

The CombinedResourceHandler reduces page load times significantly by combining the countless resource files of a JSF page into one or two larger files, which can be loaded and processed much more efficiently. Since version 2.1, these files can optionally be cached on the server side, giving the application another boost. Server side caching reduces the time needed to display the BootsFaces showcase by a second. If that doesn’t sound much: believe me, your customers will notice the difference. It’s a difference if the page takes one or two seconds to display.
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How to Embed a Servlet or an HTML Page in a JSF 2.x View

As trivial as the task may sound, hardly anybody seems to embed a servlet or an HTML page in a JSF view. That’s the impression my team and I got after a lengthy Google investigation. Finally we found OmniFaces, better known as the Swiss Army Knife of JSF.

OmniFaces is one of those JSF libraries that are different: It’s not about visual widgets (not in the first place, at least), but it’s full of other useful stuff. There’s the FullAjaxExceptionHandler reported about in an earlier article. There are several useful converters that make using comboboxes (or SelectOneMenus in JSF speak) much simpler. There’s the useful CombinedResourceHandler I’m going to cover soon. And there’s the component of the day: <o:resourceInclude />.
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