How to Use BootsFaces and PrimeFaces in the Same Project

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I’ve always promoted BootsFaces as a companion framework for PrimeFaces, but many developers report it’s difficult, if not impossible, to combine these two frameworks. Things are particularly nasty if you’ve already got a (possibly huge) PrimeFaces application. Some developers report that even adding a single BootsFaces component will distort your application’s layout. So I’ve decided […]

What’s New in PrimeFaces 5.2?

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The next version of PrimeFaces is planned to be released on April 6, 2015. Continuing what already has become a tradition, gives you a round-up of what’s new and noteworthy in in PrimeFaces 5.2. The list isn’t complete, by the way. Among other things, the PrimeFaces team has improved the screen reader support and […]