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Build Your Own Dependency Injection Framework!

Let’s bust a myth. There are very good reasons to use CDI or Spring, but dependency injection isn’t one of them. There are a lot of alternatives. And I’m not talking about Google Guice, although that’s a very fine DI framework indeed. Why don’t we write our own DI framework? Can’t be difficult, can it?

It’s true: today’s open source libraries make writing your own DI framework incredibly simple. But even without such a library writing a DI framework isn’t difficult (at least if you’re ready to learn something about class loaders). I’ll develop a sketchy DI framework in this article. In theory, you could finish my work to implement a full-blown DI container and put it into production. Even if you don’t, you’ll understand how CDI and Spring work after reading this article.

But first I’d like to present you an alternative you’re probably not aware of.
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Make or Buy? Drawing a Balance on Coding Myself

Most people tend to use an existing framework instead of writing one. So did I. Why did I finally chose to write my own framework to do something as difficult as doing a full-blown slide show? There are so many slide shows on the market, why didn’t I just use one of them?

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