UI Survey 2017: Java vs. JavaScript

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Recently, I’ve seen a number of surveys covering the popularity of Java and Java UI frameworks. Most surveys show that either Spring or Java EE is more popular. However, they don’t answer two important questions: is Java becoming more or less important? Currently, I’m mostly interested in UI frameworks, so the next logical question is: […]


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These days it’s kind of official: AngularJS implements the Model-View-Whatever paradigm. That’s a nice solution to a series of fruitless discussions about whether AngularJS implements MVVM, MVC or something else. However, one of these days I stumbled upon a couple of slides claiming AngularJS implements the MVC pattern during my research for another article. I […]

An easy-to-use Java 5 parser

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Sometimes it can be useful to read and analyse a java class. This can be a tedious task; the classical approach is to write a grammar for the language and to generate a parser. This is exactly what JĂșlio Vilmar Gesser did. His parser has a simple interface, allows both reading and modifying java code […]