Got a prepaid sim card for your IPhone w/out internet access?

During my last trip to France, I bought a french prepaid sim card to reduce costs. However, it didn’t pay.

At the time being, you can only buy sim cards without internet access unless you are ready to buy an abonnement1. However, not being able to access the internet doesn’t stop your IPhone from trying. And each try costs a few cents. You can easily avoid this by just switching the “mobile data” option off. It cost my a few bucks until I found out… at first, I wondered why calls are that expensive in France :).

Oh, and there’s a weird thing to add: sometimes the IPhone does get access to the internet. My IPhone surprise me with the latest breaking news when I was contemplating the amphitheatre of Orange – exactly here:

  1. I have to admit I only asked at the Orange shop, so I may have missed another telephone company’s offer. I didn’t find such an offer during my internet inquiry, but chances are I missed it due to my limited command of the French language. Anyways, I’ pretty sure the situation is going to improve soon: There are quite a few tourists who want their IPhone to be a smartphone while being reluctant to pay roaming fees. I guess next year the corresponding sim card will be ubiquitous.