Happy New Year 2015 – the Year of the Palindrome!

You readers rock!

In 2014, BeyondJava has been read more than 400.000 times. That’s 400.000 reasons to carry on.

What’s in score for you in 2015? Time will tell… but there are a few articles I’ve already prepared, so I can pique your curiosity. BootsFaces 0.6 has just been released, so it deserves an article or two. Soon I’ll release AngularFaces 2.1. That’s the first version of AngularFaces that has extensions specifically for BootsFaces. JSF will remain a hot topic, as well as AngularJS and AngularDart. I’d like to write a couple of philosophical articles. “How to Abuse a Framework” is the working title of one of those articles.

I’m also preparing a series of articles dealing with how the JVM works. Did you know your Java program is compiled to machine code – sometimes, that is? Did you know how to read and analyze this assembler code? Did you know which optimizations the JVM performs? Stay tuned!

Maybe I’ll also include articles about WordPress. That’s the platform of this website, so I’ve learned a lot how to do thing and how not to do things. During the last couple of days I’ve started to make the website faster again. Chances are I’ll write an article about how to optimize WordPress performance.

Oh, just in case you didn’t read the geeky part of Twitter: 2015 is a palindrome. Written as a binary number, it’s 11111011111.

Welcome to the year of the palindrome!