Java 8

Update 12.09.2013:
According to Marc Reinhold, Java 8 finally seems to be on track. These days they’ve published a developer preview. In my eyes, that’s a good sign – the community is given the opportunity half a year before the planned release (late march 2014). BTW, I’ve been experimenting with Java 8 for quite a few month without noticing problems.

Recently I’ve read quite a few interesting articles on Java 8. This a a small collection of links to articles I consider remarkable. Feel free to leave a comment to add articles I’ve missed.

I’d like to begin with articles written by the Java 8 programming team:
Brian Goetz on the state of the lambda project
Lambda extensions to the collections API

Maybe you’re even interested in my articles on Java 8 and lambda expressions.

I also enjoyed reading these articles:
User experience of early Java 8 students
Feature comparison of Scala and Java
Far side look at Java 8
Maurice Naftalin’s Lambda FAQ

Lambda, Java 8, interface evolution and laws of unintended consequences