AngularFaces 2.0 Embraces Both HTML5 and PrimeFaces

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Now that’s a surprise: AngularFaces becomes more powerful by getting rid of it’s widgets. Quite a development for JSF widget library. Instead of defining its own widgets AngularFaces 2.0 pimps up widgets provided by other widget libraries. In particular, it adds AngularJS to the new JSF 2.2 HTML5-style widgets. But of course it doesn’t stop […]

What’s New in PrimeFaces 5?

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PrimeFaces 5.0 is going to be released any day now – most likely tomorrow (May 5, 2014). Çagatay Çivici, Thomas Andraschko, and a few others invested a lot of work in the new version: The source code repository lists more than a thousand commits since the last version, PrimeFaces 4.0, which in turn has been […]