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Oct 15, 2014. AngularJS 1.3 aka "superluminal-nudge" has been released two days ago. AngularFaces will support AngularJS 1.3 starting with the next version (AngularFaces 2.1).

According to the AngularJS blog, AngularJS 1.3 contains 400 bug fixes, a lot of performance improvements - both concerning speed and memory consumption - better support for users with a handicap and much more. An improvement I particularly like is ng-messages, a directive that simplifies the tedious chore of adding error messages (even if it's still a far cry from the ease of use of <pui-message /> of AngularFaces):

You did not enter a field
The value entered is too short

Code cited from the documentation of ng-messages

AngularJS also contains an improved model binding engine. For instance, AngularJS 1.3 supports one-time binding, a feature that's already familiar from AngularDart. If you don't want to update a value once the page has been loaded, one-time binding improves performance considerably. Another nice feature ng-model-options, which allows you to fine-tune the model updates. For instance, you can restrict model updates to certain events, such as leaving the field:

This feature comes in handy if you've got a circular dependency of fields containing calculated values that can be modified by the user (just think of three input fields, displaying a simple equation such as a = b + c).

According to the blog, using a short-hand dependency syntax often blocks minification. To notice such errors during development time, AngularJS 1.3 introduces an optional strict DI mode.

Announcement on the AngularJS blog